The 50 cheapest, most clever ways to upgrade your home

2022-11-30 13:09:47 By : Mr. David Leung

These upgrades are nice and easy, too.

Upgrading your home may sound like a huge project, but something as simple as switching out your drawer pulls and light bulbs can take your dwellings to another level. Or maybe you’re looking for a bigger upgrade and need a spray painter to get the job done. After all, a simple paint job can really breathe new life into any room. Whatever change you’re trying to make, I’m almost certain Amazon has clever ways to make your place better. And at an affordable price too. Wide Rubber Bands

The 50 cheapest, most clever ways to upgrade your home

You can transform your space into a smart house for less than $30 with things like this automatic soap dispenser and voice-controlled light dimmer — no contractors or interior designers needed. These 50 items help you avoid big bills but still enjoy modern and convenient additions. And that’s why once you’re done scrolling and shopping, you’ll feel as though you just walked into your dream home.

To brighten up the dark basement staircase or bring a little more attention to your bookcase, stick these battery-powered wireless LED lights onto any surface. Each has 10 brightness levels and 16 color options so you can choose to add a pop of color to make your collectibles really pop. They can be controlled manually or put on a timer using the included remote control.

This water filtration system has an activated charcoal filter that reduces 70 impurities, including lead and mercury, leaving you with better, crisper tasting water. It’s compatible with most faucets and can be put on without any tools. Best of all, this filtration system will help you save cash that you typically spend on plastic bottles and make your home more eco-friendly.

This one roll will give you 30 yards of double-sided tape that works on tile, hardwood, and even carpet. Just attach it to the bottom of any rug or carpet to keep it in place and prevent any dangerous trips or unsightly curls. The tape won’t leave behind any residue and is extra thick so that it can easily be removed.

Easy to install with metal tacks or hook and loop backing, this magnetic screen door allows you to walk in and out of your house hands-free. How? The center is closed with 26 magnets, so you can just walk on through and they’ll snap back together. While this door allows your dog in and out of the house at will, it still works to keep unwanted pests out.

Each of these pathway lights are solar-powered and can function perfectly in the rain, snow, and heat. They automatically charge all day and turn on at dusk, illuminating your garden, driveway, or sidewalk for a safer and more aesthetic space. They’re easy to assemble, and the stakes can be put right into the ground — no tools required.

You can’t stop hair from falling out of your head as you shampoo — but you can stop it from turning your tiled walls into a mess and clogging your drains. Instead of wiping your hand wherever, let it collect in the flexible bristles of this hair catcher. The compact piece is smaller than a credit card so it won’t crowd your shower, and it can stick to any surface. Its rigid body will stay in place as you swipe to let it collect hair and to clean it out.

This wireless doorbell is affordable, while still upholding great quality. The waterproof transmitters have a battery life of up to three years and can be connected to a plug-in receiver within a 1,000-foot range. You can choose from 52 chimes and four volume settings so that you don’t wake a sleeping baby when a visitor arrives.

If your wooden furniture floors or furniture are scratched or nicked, you can fix them yourself with this wood furniture repair kit. It comes with six wax markers of various wood shades to fill in larger areas of damage as well as six matching markers to color over surface scratches. It’s as easy as shading in a coloring book.

This draft stopper can help lower your heat and electricity bills by preventing any air from escaping or entering through the bottom of your door. The adhesive strip is made of silicone that is even thick enough to keep out some bugs and light. It is originally 39 inches in length but can easily be cut to perfectly fit your door or lined up with a second one.

Something as simple as swapping in this drain plug for the one you currently have can do a world of difference for your bathroom. The heavy-duty brass comes in finishes like satin nickel and matte black to instantly upgrade and modernize any tub or sink’s appearance. Simply push down on the top two-hole overflow stopper to open and close the drain.

Give your electric toothbrush, phone, smart speaker, and more a place to sit while they charge with these outlet shelves. These handy shelves can hold up to 5 pounds each right above your outlet, and are as easy to install as any other outlet cover. Unlike other outlet shelves, this duo come with a cord concealer box to keep things as tidy as possible.

Make your kitchen or bathroom more hygienic and chic with this automatic soap dispenser. Able to be mounted on the wall with included hardware or simply set on the counter, this battery-operated device holds up to 17 ounces of the liquid soap of your choice. You can adjust the amount it dispenses per pass, too.

Whether you have kids in the house or just don’t like the smell of smoke, this wax melter lets you enjoy your candles’ fragrance without having a dangerous open flame. It can also be used to essential oils. Just pour into the easy-to-clean silicone tray, and your home with be filled with a relaxing aroma in no time. Plus, it acts as a decorative lamp with LED bulbs that can be changed to seven different colors.

This bidet attachment is equipped with two nozzles for front and rear cleansing that can even retract when not in use. The entire system is compact and discreet so that it blends in with your toilet and doesn’t disrupt the look of your decor. The side control panel can be used to adjust the water pressure from a light mist to a strong jet stream. Best of all, no plumber is required; you can set it up on your own in just 15 minutes.

These furniture pads are made with anti-skid rubber and a 3/8-inch solid felt core that that they can hold up even the heaviest chair or table leg. The pack includes adhesive stickers that are optional, but the rubber will grip onto the furniture on its own and keep any chairs or tables from sliding around. The pads also prevent your gorgeous hardwood floors from getting scratched up when moving things around.

For less than $10, you can transform the look of your bathroom with this shower head holder. The sleek silver finish will brighten your shower and give it a more modern vibe. Plus, the base’s angle is adjustable and it has a waterproof adhesive back that eliminates the need for any drilling.

This pack of moldable glue will be the most versatile product you have in your tool drawer. The flexible silicone rubber can protect charger cables, bond cracks, and even seal leaks (because, yes, it’s waterproof). It can also be used to mount hooks and is able to hold 4.4 pounds. Once opening a stick, you have 30 minutes to form it into the shape you need and after 24 hours, it’ll be set.

These door handle stoppers provide a more guaranteed way to prevent your door from damaging your walls. The clear rubber pieces adhere to the wall and act as a cushion for when the fridge or any door in the house rapidly swings open. This will not only keep your home in tip-top shape but it’ll also minimize noise so that you don’t disturb anyone who’s working from home.

These mini cord organizers are the perfect size to stick onto your stand mixer, slow cooker, or air fryer. They let you more efficiently and attractively store the items that aren’t always left plugged in. The super sticky adhesive back will stay in place on any appliance, and the wrapped cord will give you more counter space and a neater place to cook and bake.

These Edison light bulbs look antique when, in fact, they’re actually pretty modern thanks to their dimmable capability. With their exposed wiring and teardrop shape, this four-pack will bring a cozy and rustic feel to your home or patio, especially with their warm white light.

It’s out with the old-school circular handles and in with these modern rectangular drawer pulls. Each is made of durable stainless steel with a beautiful gold brushed brass finish. There are a ton of different sizes available so you can make sure the entire room matches — and fits. They bring a chic look that you won’t want to switch out.

After setting up this smart dimmer switch, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally leaving the lights on again. You can check the status of your switches, turn them on and off, and put them on a schedule all by using the app when you’re on-the-go or Alexa when you’re at home. It also has built-in over temperature protection to keep any of your light fixtures from overheating.

This bathroom hook is small but mighty, with a double-sided construction that can hold a total of 20 pounds. It is the perfect tool to hold that extra fluffy robe and wet towel of yours. Plus, the quality finish of stainless steel resists daily scratches and won’t chip or flake off. There are some shiny options in addition to a matte black, all of which will modernize your bathroom.

Instead of constantly flipping a flimsy carton open, use these egg containers to have breakfast within easy reach and to keep your fridge organized. The eggs sit in sturdy, durable cups, and these containers have convenient handles for those who find themselves baking or making an omelette breakfast often. Plus, the top lids will keep eggs protected from anything that may fall in the fridge.

Wheeled beds are great for cleaning, but unless you have these furniture stoppers, it’s hard to keep them from constantly moving and scratching your floors. This rigid rubber holders create a non-slip place for each wheel to rest and stay in place. It also gives your furniture nearly an inch of added height so that it’s easier to reach underneath for storage or when you’re vacuuming.

This Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful way to bring a warm glow to any room. Plus, when the genuine crystal salt is warmed with the bulb, which some claim helps to deodorize the air so you can sleep and focus better. The light can be dimmed using the control on the cord.

This grout pen will save you from starting a very expensive tile replacement process. The waterproof colorant has a narrow tip to assure that every little space between tiles, whether on the floor, kitchen backsplash, or on your shower walls, is covered in its bright white seal. The non-toxic formula will stay put and keep your home looking fresh and clean.

For some extra protection, install this deadbolt door lock with an electronic keypad. To make it easier for everyone in the family, you can program up to six keypad users so that everyone can remember their own code. Plus, the keypad glows in the dark so that you don’t have to fumble around with your keys late at night.

A custom closet is a major expense, but you can still have an organized and streamlined closet with this simple hanging organizer. With five reinforced shelves, this slim organizer can hold pants, hats, bags, towels, and other things that are otherwise difficult to hang up. Unlike other closet organizers, this one comes with mesh pockets on the side for other accessories.

Put that random hole in your desk to good use with this pop-up power strip. When closed, it will lie completely flat but when raised, you’ll have access to three AC outlets and two USB ports. The attached cable is 6 feet long so it can easily reach any wall outlet underneath your desk.

This paint sprayer can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars by making it a breeze to do a job yourself instead of calling professionals. The sprayer has five different nozzles so it can be used with various different paint types, no matter if they’re thick or thin. You can control the air volume and spray in three different patterns — circular, vertical, and horizontal. It comes with two extra straws and a cleaning brush so that no paint residue is left over from a previous project.

This LED light strip will bring a bright white glow to those dark areas underneath kitchen cabinets or closet drawers without disrupting your decor. The thin piece is completely adhesive and battery powered so that it can easily blend in. It’s originally 3 feet in length but can be cut to custom-fit a certain area, and the lights will always be evenly spaced.

These furniture rollers make it possible to vacuum and sweep every corner of your house even when you have heavy couches, appliances, and dressers. Each dolly is extendable from 17 to 28 inches and is made of durable metal that can hold up to 660 pounds. When not in use, just put down the brakes to keep your appliance or decor in place. It also gives a 1.6-inch height addition that can keep everything protected from any mess on the floor.

Instead of tilting your head or just winging it, hang your artwork correctly the first time with the help of this laser level. This simple but genius tool can project a horizontal, vertical, or crosshair line on your wall so that you can perfectly space pictures, hangers, or other projects. This handy tool also comes with a classic level and is loaded with an 8-foot measuring tape.

This toilet paper holder will not only be an upgrade to the one you have now but it will also give you a more accessible reach to your flushable wipes. Instead of keeping them on top of the toilet tank, you can still keep them concealed but closer to you with the container that sits at the top. The entire piece is made of stainless steel and comes in various sophisticated finishes to upgrade your bathroom.

Instead of buying three separate cans, you can grab this chalk-style paint that has a primer and top coat mixed right in. The eco-friendly formula is made without many harsh chemicals, including phthalates and heavy metals, making it safe to use both indoors and outdoors. The chalky matte finish can be used on wood, laminate, glass, and metal.

This claw picture hanger requires no drilling or even screws. The hardened steel can be pushed directly into the wall and locked in for a sturdy hold that can support up to 25 pounds. The set also comes with five spot markers to mark where you want your mirror or art piece to hang before actually installing. And when removing, you won’t be left with large eye-sore holes.

Using 3,000 lumens, these LED flood lights can cover up to 8,000 square feet. Each light has four panels that makes that wide range possible and is made of waterproof, windproof, and heat resistant ABS to ensure that it works to the best of its abilities, no matter the season. You can choose to have your lights stay on through the night or only shine when detecting motion.

With eight AC outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port, this power strip can save you a ton of space, clutter, and time. No need to wait for one device to charge until plugging in another anymore. The fire-resistance PC shell is flame-retardant up to 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit, making it incredibly durable.

For gentler and more skin-friendly water, install this shower filter to clear out heavy metals and sediments that actually might be harming your skin and hair. The stainless steel mesh filter has vitamin C, calcium sulfite and other nourishing layers that can bringing moisturizing properties to the water and remove any unpleasant odors. The filter won’t reduce your existing water pressure.

Made of a super stretchy but soft material, this couch cover can breathe new life into stained, torn, or outdated furniture. Available in sizes that range from a plush chair to an extra-long couch and in 20 colors, this slipcover has non-slip elastic on the bottom that keeps it perfectly in place.

This indoor security camera allows you to check on your home and pets when you’re away on vacation or at work. With 1080P HD footage, you’ll get a crystal clear look at your house, and you can even speak with your pets thanks to the two-way audio. The Blink Mini also works with Alexa, so you can peep your dog in the other room if you happen to hear a rustle.

Don’t call the pros if you want a fresh kitchen backsplash — instead, just install these peel and stick tiles yourself. Able to cover a 12-by-12-foot area, these heat- and moisture-resistant tiles have a 3D look to them, making them seem like a luxe home upgrade. If they get any oil splashes on them, that’s OK, you can just wipe them clean.

These light switches do so much more than add to the decor of your home. Their scratch-resistant plates are insulated with a fire-retardant foam gasket that helps retain both heating and cooling. This increases energy efficiency and can result in some saved cash. The durable exterior material also won’t rust or stain so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

If you love a good DIY project, you’ll need this furniture wax to really make it look like your creation was made by a pro. Made with beeswax and tree nut oils, the formula is all-natural and free of chemicals. Spread it across raw wood or fresh paint for a buttery smooth feel and look that’ll keep everything protected.

If you don’t exactly have the greenest thumb, this LED grow light can help your plants thrive. The full-spectrum bulbs use 1,200 lumens to create a warm environment for seeds to grow all year long. It’s also built with protective technology to assure that it never overheats even when left on all day.

For affordable assistance with all your bigger home improvement projects, this caulking tool will bring more precision and comfort. The ergonomic handle has a rubberized surface for a non-slip grip while using the thin tip to get into every crack and crevice. Plus, the entire copper body has a non-stick coating so that foam can be easily wiped off.

This glass rinser connects to your sink and through your soap pump hole, and makes it easy to reach every inch of that super long tumbler that’s hard to get your hand into. The compact piece has nine holes that provide a powerful spray upwards into any water bottle or delicate wine glass. It also has a drainage spout so that all the water immediately flows into the sink instead of ending up on your counter.

This waterproof mosaic lamp can stay outside on your patio throughout every season. It won’t rust and is solar powered so you don’t even have to bring it in to change any batteries or charge. The interior LED lights create a rainbow reflection on its surroundings, and the entire ball is larger than most so you can enjoy an even greater pop of color.

The 50 cheapest, most clever ways to upgrade your home

Elastic Rubber Bands For Hair Keep your video doorbell system safe with this doorbell mount. The steel wraps around the door to lock onto the interior side and keep it in place while creating a secure cocoon for most doorbell models to rest in. The base can also be adjusted to point the camera in the exact direction and angle you desire.